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Top 5 must-have Salesforce Admin skills


There are some skills that a Salesforce Admin must have in order to provide a good service as a professional. We choose in this post 5 considered as most essential to this profile.

Remember that a Salesforce administrator can:

🏆​Define system requirements and customize them.

🏆​Take full advantage of the suite of tools that Salesforce offers you, such as Customer 360.

🏆​Align the tools with your business goals.

5 types of Salesforce Admin skills

1. Strong Salesforce knowledge

Obviously, an Admin must know the platform performance and possibilities to apply improvements to your business processes.

Some main responsibilities of a Salesforce administrator are:

  • User management is more than just creating accounts. He/she understands how each member interacts with the platform and what they need to work successfully.

He also thinks about the user experience to make it simple and satisfactory.

  • The management of your company’s most valuable asset: data. When you manage properly the data on the Salesforce platform, you drive best practices and improve team results.

How does an admin achieve proper data management in Salesforce? By performing constant checks and updating security settings hand in hand with your IT department.

  • Security of internal and customer data is another item a Salesforce administrator must manage. It is important to regularly check the security dashboard to verify that it is in order.
  • Actionable reports also fall into the actionable range. This information helps leaders to make strategic decisions, and users can measure their performance to improve it.

A Salesforce Administrator’s complete understanding of the tool allows them to be the driving engine of your company’s business.

2. Business analytical capacity

These skills allow the Salesforce administrator to gain a deep understanding of the people, information, and documentation involved in business activities and then build solutions and propose improvements based on them.

Analyzing the business processes allows the Salesforce administrator to be an expert solver of all the challenges identified and this is the first step to increasing your company’s sales and loyalty.

This professional is strategic for decision-making in commercial processes.

3. Proficient leadership

Salesforce admins are professionals who combine technical and business skills, making them strategists and leaders for innovation.

They are also the link between many departments such as sales, IT, executives, and marketing, which is a key factor in achieving good teamwork.

Some of the activities they perform under these skills are as follows:

  1. Writing business cases and success stories.
  2. Development of internal training materials and documents.
  3. Demonstrating new features to users and other company leaders

4. Technical skills

It is common for Salesforce administrators to have technical expertise in different areas such as database management, information security, and API operation, which allows them to speak with greater confidence to the IT department and the rest of a company’s collaborators.

Why does it add so much value? By combining technical knowledge and experience with strategic, business, and even project management skills, we are in the presence of a unique position, which helps everything within the company to be oriented towards customer satisfaction and therefore, financial productivity.

5. Project management skills

Anyone who knows how to manage projects can generate good results. This is no exception for a champion Salesforce administrator.

The main activities you will perform under your project management skills are as follows:

☑️Administration and assignment of tasks
☑️Quality control and optimization

Not to mention that your communication must be excellent with all team members to get feedback from them.

Other skills that a Salesforce Admin needs to succeed in your company

It is essential that you check your Salesforce Admin skills to achieve the desired success. We have Gabriel Garro, a certified professional in the field, who can add his skills to your company. Get a free discovery session today if you are interested in getting the top.