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AgTech Services

Pushing the limits of the value of your data to get to the top in the Ag Industry

Our AgTech services comprise AI systems powered by our Champion AI & Data Studio.

About AgTech Services

It comprise reconfigurable systems that adapt to different types of applications.

Championsys generates innovative monitoring technology solutions based on wireless WSN and IoT sensor networks applied to different productive sectors of the ag industry.

The application and parameter monitored define the type of sensors and actuators we use in each project. Let’s talk for a couple of minutes if you are interested.

How we have used our AgTech services

Early Warning

Wireless networks applied to real-time monitoring of river levels, and rainfall.

Soil Moisture

Autonomous and configurable precision moisture probes

Monitoring Systems for beekeeping

Sensors integrated into the hives process and transmit the data to a web server through a wireless communication system.

Soil Moisture Measurement and Monitoring System

Sensors integrated into irrigation systems.

AgTech system structure


BLE | WiFi | GSM | LoRa | LoRa 
SigFox | NB - IoT | CAT-M1


-Industrial and Environmental Assets
-Irrigation Canals
-Cattle Watering Troughs
-Wells, Groundwater
-Precision Beekeeping

Data server

- Data Processing
- Integrated Management


Reports | Alerts 


-Water Cooperatives
-Drinking Water Treatment Plants

-Agricultural Producers

-Livestock producers
-Civil Defense

- Firefighters
- Police

- Roads
- Secretariats

- Ministries
- Institutes

We develop custom AgTech Services

and systems for different productive sectors in the agro-industry