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Learn about our Agtech services and success story

Improving efficiency is the goal all industries have, and the strategies to achieve this are almost always aimed at technological development. This is how Agtech was born and became popular. 

Agrotechnology is all technological tools and methods adapted to each ag machinery to optimize production. This discipline makes the use of resources become more efficient and profitable while supporting farmers in their tasks.

Which technologies are mainly used in AgTech solutions?

Agtech is generally based on blockchain, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, IoT, data analytics and sometimes robotics.

Technology applied in agricultural fields allows an increase in the productive potential and reduces the environmental impact to achieve more profitability through digitalization and innovation.

Agriculture and livestock are the two most benefited sectors from these solutions in Argentina, LATAM and worldwide.

Solutions such as: 

  • Sensors to perform sowing and fertilization.
  • Moisture and soil condition meters
  • Satellite flaggers
  • Weather forecasting applications
  • Online markets 

They are part of the digital transformation of the agro-industry. 

AgTech solutions enable field data collection and analysis, including genetics, transactions and weather events, so that farmers and ranchers can make data-driven decisions about their production, to improve their time and cost efficiency.

In this way, processes evolve, increase production potential and profitability, and reduce environmental impact. 

About our Champion AgTech Services:

It comprises reconfigurable systems that adapt to different types of applications.

Championsys generates innovative monitoring technology solutions based on wireless WSN and IoT sensor networks applied to different productive sectors of the ag industry.

The application and parameter monitored define the type of sensors and actuators used in each project. Let’s talk for a couple of minutes if you are interested.

How we applied our AgTech services

  • Early Warning System

They are wireless networks applied to real-time monitoring of river levels and rainfall.

This system brings data to measure climate adaptation. It uses integrated communication systems to help farmers prepare for climate-related events. 

An effective early warning system saves lives, crops, jobs, land, and infrastructure and promotes long-term sustainability.

  • Soil Moisture System

Soil moisture sensors measure the water content in the soil and can be used to estimate the amount of stored water in the soil horizon. They are autonomous and configurable precision moisture probes. 

  • Monitoring Systems for beekeeping

These are sensors integrated into the hives process and transmit the data to a web server through a wireless communication system.

These sensors help beekeepers to gather information about the hive and automatically send information to the owner of the apiary. 

In addition, you can add digital cameras for ensuring apiary security. This type of project can incorporate powerful IoT solutions. 

  • Soil Moisture Measurement and Monitoring System

They are sensors integrated into irrigation systems used as a tool to assist irrigation scheduling. 

Soil moisture sensors help with irrigation decisions and management, giving better crops, using fewer inputs and increasing profitability. 

They are useful tools to understand what is happening in the root zone of your crop.

Creating Crop Health Monitoring capabilities

Using remote sensing (drones or satellite images) we can create these functionalities:

  • Crop yield predictors (soybeans, corn, wheat and barley)
  • Zone-based management
  • Predictions of plagues and diseases for those four crop types
  • Predictions of nutrition deficit and prediction of moisture stress index of the crop canopy. 

We used the following tech stack:

Agtech covers a wide range of new technologies that are improving the industry in Argentina, LATAM and the rest of the world. If you are interested in this service, contact us today. We are the champion team that will get you to the top.