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Now Everyone’s an Einstein

Why is everyone incorporating or wanting to incorporate Einstein?

Salesforce Einstein stands out as the primary artificial intelligence (AI) solution designed exclusively for Customer Relationship Management (CRM). It introduces an integrated set of AI technologies that elevate the Customer Success Platform, making AI accessible to innovators in all fields.

Salesforce Einstein: Unmatched in the CRM Arena

Ready for Modelling: Einstein features automated and multi-tenant machine learning, ensuring that the right model effortlessly adapts to your organization’s needs without manual intervention.

Production Ready: DevOps becomes obsolete with Einstein. As an integral part of the trusted Salesforce platform, it offers model management and monitoring tools without the need for additional infrastructure.

Einstein transforms your business into an AI-centric enterprise, providing the following advantages:

  • Sales: Anticipate future opportunities and exceed customer expectations.
  • Service: Proactively resolve cases before they arise.
  • Marketing: Create predictive pathways and personalise experiences like never before.
  • Information Technology (IT): Embed intelligence everywhere, creating smarter applications for employees and customers.

Einstein seamlessly integrates with various Salesforce products, eliminating the need for data preparation or model management. Whether you use Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Platform, Analytics Cloud, or Community Cloud, Einstein is there to make you smarter and more predictive about your customers.

Why do it?

Check out our webinar: “Magic with Salesforce” where our experts Alejandro Garro (AI Specialist | CTO) and Michele Ballesteros (Salesforce Expert) discuss the advantages of incorporating AI into Salesforce.

Artificial Intelligence: Integrated and Crosscutting across Salesforce

At Championsys, we offer a unique value proposition that sets us apart as partners. Our approach goes beyond conventional implementation; we empower companies through our STUDIOS system.

Our Studios function as a dynamic working structure with a multidisciplinary approach, where we combine the expertise of different specialist teams to comprehensively address business challenges. The synergy between our Studios is what makes the difference. At Championsys, we not only deliver solutions; we deliver a complete vision oriented towards results that help drive your business towards success.

One of the most prominent is the Data & Artificial Intelligence Studio.

Imagine what you can achieve by combining the magic of artificial intelligence with the power of Salesforce to deliver truly transformative solutions—all within the same team!

Instead of working in isolation, our artificial intelligence experts and Salesforce consultants collaborate closely. The result? Solutions that are not only technically robust but also fully aligned with your business objectives.

Our approach allows us to incorporate and utilise artificial intelligence crosscuttingly, not just as an additional tool, but integrating AI at the core of Salesforce, leveraging its potential to the fullest and alongside subject matter experts. This translates into tangible results and a real competitive advantage for your company.

Do you want to take your Salesforce platform to its best version?

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