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Data Science, Artificial Intelligence & Championsys Centrifuge

Dividev works with databases enhancement for several verticals, enriching and adding data by getting information from external sources coming up with thousands relevant data points.
This data is used later for many purposes creating a high and accurate segmentation, and the creation of an ongoing enrichment process and the “Dividev Centrifuge“.

The Dividev’s Centrifuge process includes data science for data preparation, exploratory data analysis of existing and new data (in order to make data more consistent), tidying up the data lake, and creating an automated work plan based on a completeness and consistency score of the listings.

All these techniques and actions help companies to have larger and richer data sets, for many purposes including customer analysis, demand & supply projections, launching more personalized and targeted marketing campaigns, etc. Also all this information could be enhanced with the integration of a larger data set and business partners, creating synergies and enriching each particular media channel, and use artificial intelligence techniques whenever possible.

Dividato is playing a key role in the waves of exponential tech advancements, as Peter Diamandis identifies as current metatrends. For example the disruption of advertising.

As artificial intelligence becomes increasingly embedded in everyday life, your custom artificial intelligence will soon understand what you want better than you do. In turn, we will begin to both trust and rely upon our AIs to make most of our buying decisions, turning over shopping to AI-enabled personal assistants. Your AI might make purchases or influence your customers based upon past desires, current shortages, conversations allowed by the AI system to listen to, or by tracking where your pupils focus on a virtual interface (i.e., what catches your attention). As a result, the advertising industry—which normally competes for your attention (whether at the Superbowl or through search engines)—will have a hard time influencing your AI“.

Diamandis adds that this metatrend is driven by the convergence of machine learning, sensors, augmented reality, and 5G/networks. And Dividato Centrifuge is ready to work on that.

Case Study: For the tourism & travel industry, Dividato has worked for a media & events company in the New York area, where enriched and added data by getting information from more than 20 automated external sources, including names, email addresses, physical addresses of all stakeholders belonging to selected origins. Dividato’s team worked during a short period of time to come up with thousands relevant data points. This data was used later for promotional activities creating a high and accurate segmentation, and the creation of an ongoing enrichment process and the “Dividev Centrifuge”