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Welcome to Championsys Salesforce Studio

We have 5 champion studios, including the world’s leading sales and customer management tool: Salesforce Studio. Let’s take a leap into the benefits and scope of our service with this world-class tool. 

About Our Champion Salesforce Studio

This Studio is a business unit focused on helping companies to translate their Salesforce investment into efficient, intelligent and scalable platform implementations. 

Our mission is to help you exceed your client’s expectations by transforming data into actionable insights to align your business processes for success and customer satisfaction.

We are your trusted partner who will custom-craft business solutions to meet your needs and timeline and help you achieve success with your business through Salesforce implementation, administration, and customization.

Championsys’ Salesforce partnership includes:

Salesforce Administration

This is undoubtedly our champion service. Our Salesforce administrators will help you get the most out of the tool once you have implemented it. 

Because of Salesforce’s capabilities, having an admin can ensure that your company is using the platform to its fullest potential.

A Salesforce Admin helps your salespeople set up personalized dashboards, fields, alerts and reports to shorten the sales cycle and track every lead in greater detail. It also helps automate your business processes to maximize efficiency and results.

Each department involved with Salesforce can work hand in hand with the Salesforce Admin to use the platform most effectively. 

Hiring an external Salesforce administrator will add value to your company for the following reasons: 

🏆They take care of updating and maintaining the tool.

🏆They have high expertise in the tool and business processes. 

🏆They are a source of information for the marketing department to know the weak points of the service, product, or process and the customers’ opinions to carry out loyalty campaigns and improve them.

🏆They help you to enhance the tool with AI and other integrations. 

🏆You save time and money in training or internal updates on the tool. 

🏆By outsourcing Salesforce administration, you will transform fixed costs into variable costs.

🏆You reduce the risk of damage, loss, or leakage of internal data and increase the deployment quality. 

Core Skills of our Champion Salesforce Admin 

Salesforce Integrations

Salesforce is a complete tool, but it also allows integrations with the applications you use every day in your business, such as LinkedIn, Mailchimp, G Suite, Dropbox, SAP, Slack, Jira Software, Active Campaign, and so on.

To complete these integrations, we have a team of expert champion consultants who will do it so that you can take advantage of the tool to its fullest potential without compromising the data integrity and the tool functionality.

End-to-end implementation

Your business digital transformation begins with Salesforce implementation. 

Our team can help you with this transition to get your activity and information stored in the cloud, automated, and even have the option to predict customer behavior with AI. The starting point is our implementation service.

Data migration and maintenance

Data is a company’s most valuable asset, especially when it comes to customer data. 

Do you trust the quality of your data? Our Salesforce team can analyze your database shortcomings, create a transfer and maintenance strategy, and constantly optimize it.  

For an effective transfer: 

1. We help you rationalize your database. 

2. We export it

3. We transfer effectively, keeping data ownership and relationships aligned.

Business process analysis

Salesforce deployment requires proper implementation, data migration and integrations, but also a workflow and business process development that improves the efficiency and effectiveness of the tool, especially when more than one department will be working with the tool.

Our champion team will review your business processes and provide recommendations to get the most out of your Salesforce operations. Then, we implement the proposal in the final solution.

Lighting transition

Salesforce Lightning is the next generation of Salesforce. It is a powerful platform for fast and easy application development and the AppExchange ecosystem with ready-to-install solutions. 

If you want to start your transition to this tool, we can help you with the process and get the most out of the new tool developed by Salesforce.

Why Choose Championsys to Work with Salesforce?

☑️Cross-industry experience

We have experts in different vertical industries. This allows us to manage and implement Salesforce according to the specific needs and requirements of businesses. 

We first understand the processes, and based on the experience, we deploy the full potential of this CRM in the cloud. 

☑️A team of seasoned experts

At Championsys we are passionate about quality. It is one of our core values and we are inspired by innovation too. This means that each of our Salesforce admins, consultants and developers will approach your project with the highest level of commitment and professionalism. 

Regardless of complexity, our goal is to achieve outstanding results, ensuring productivity and efficiency. 

☑️We adapt to your needs

Our work methodology is agile in the waterfall, so we have enough flexibility to develop Salesforce administration, for example, according to your requirements and demands, and we achieve results in record time. 

☑️We have a global presence

Our champion team is working in the United States, Latin America, and the European Union, which allows us to select the talent that best suits you according to your time zone, language, and culture. 

☑️We are transparent 

In the deployment of our Salesforce projects, we will be constantly communicating with you. 

Every week we communicate milestones completed and provide the status of ongoing tasks as well as project updates, including budget and timelines.

We have a team of champion Salesforce administrators, consultants, and developers. Feel free to contact us and let’s schedule a free discovery session