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Dividato and Dividev are now Championsys: Digital transformation consulting expert

Dividato and Dividev announced they are joining together today to form Championsys, a digital transformation consulting expert.

A new brand that brings all the benefits and expertise of Dividato INC, plus new world-class technological tools in its tech stack.

Championsys offers Dividato Inc services and a plus:

Championsys will bring together Dividato Inc. — the South Florida-based consulting, tax and legal advisory, and business process outsourcing company — with Dividev, the nearshore IT services company focused on custom software development, artificial intelligence, and staffing of IT teams.

Dividato and Dividev merge to become Championsys, a new brand that will allow the incorporation of new technological tools and expansion into new markets. To the services that Dividato offers, such as Consulting, tax and legal advisory, business process outsourcing, and Dividev services, including custom software development, artificial intelligence, and IT Teams staffing, Championsys will now offer to hundreds of clients Functional Consulting of Business Software “Champions”, such as SAP, Salesforce, Visma, Microsoft, Oracle, and ServiceNow, Calipso, among others.

A Digital Transformation Consulting Expert

Championsys is a tech company dedicated to improving the processes of other companies that use leading global solutions through consulting, training, and implementation of world-class software tools, with a team of experts.

It also has studios formed by professionals who develop custom software and consultants in artificial intelligence, data science, and machine learning.

Empowering the company’s processes with world-class technology will provide the possibility of applying artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions to those tools, allowing customers to make the most of the data and information provided daily.

The goal is to turn companies into true champions based on this competitive advantage and get to the top.

Empowering the company’s processes to get to the top

Championsys is made up of agile teams and seniority capable of addressing all kinds of technological challenges and diverse industries such as health, insurance, logistics, retail, transportation, tourism, entertainment, finance, and government through its specialized studies: ERP, HCM, Salesforce, Data & AI and Software Development.

Its development centers are strategically located in various parts of Latin America, the United States, and Europe to allow a rapid and efficient response rate to the current demands of clients.

“We started to craft this idea at the turn of the year, knowing that if we came together, we could become a true digital transformation powerhouse,” said Nicolas Di Cristofano, Dividev CEO, and now Championsys CEO. “There are great synergies between the companies, and this combination allows Dividev to join with a company working with World-Class software, as well as great people and clients at Dividato. Ultimately, this merger of forces will serve our customers extremely well, and we will offer extended services around top tier global software”.
“I am so proud of what we have accomplished at Dividato. It has become the number one Human Capital Management world-class consulting partner, offering a wide range of services from implementation consulting and BPO services. I am looking forward to working with Championsys to expand our reach and serve our customers with new services,” said Alejandro Soria, Dividato’s COO and now Championsys HCM Studio Lead.

Dividato Inc was founded by Alejandro Di Cristofano in 2006 in Cordoba, Argentina, and expanded to the US in 2010.

Initially created as a spin-off or R&D software development company, Dividato became a well-recognized HCM consulting and BPO company.

Dividev was created as nearshore IT company providing services to North America in niche technologies like data science and artificial intelligence.

More impressions of Championsys as a Digital Transformation Consulting Expert

Championsys offers a portfolio of digital services and solutions to accompany companies transforming their processes and staying at the forefront of technology.
The scope of its services and solutions is comprehensive, and everyone is invited to be part of this new and improved stage.

Championsys aims to reach the top hand in hand with its customers with functional consulting world-class tools and is positioned as an expert in digital transformation consulting to achieve it. Contact us today!