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What is the digital transformation of your business really about?

The digital transformation of your business is perhaps the most famous phrase of the last three years, but are you 100% aware of what it means? Moreover, do you know the scope it has?

In this post, we want to synthesize actions, debunk myths and define the path to total digital transformation in the simplest way possible. Read on!

In general, what is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is adopting technology as part of your company’s processes to evolve at the same speed as your customers, staff, and market needs.

And today, digital transformation has evolved to apply to products and even company assets to improve efficiency, reduce risks, and discover new monetization opportunities. But mainly to bring more value to customers and to be able to stand out from the competition for it.

Key technologies to consider for the digital transformation of your business

* AI:

You can program intelligent algorithms to perform repetitive activities with less margin for error and involving more data than a human can handle.

Artificial intelligence is the best ally of today’s successful companies, even those that use world-class business tools but allow customization.

* Cloud computing

Cloud hosting makes it easy to access the data and tools you need. And you can migrate or transform them quickly and easily.

Especially after the pandemic, we understood that cloud environments are necessary for a company’s operations never to stop, no matter where you or your team members are located.

* Machine learning

Tools that analyze data and offer you results, or even predictions, help you make strategic decisions in crucial areas for the growth of your business, such as sales, marketing, and product/service development, among others.

Other technologies that you can implement for the digital transformation of your business are IoT, blockchain, augmented reality, and virtual reality.

Do I need to develop a software tool from zero to transform my business digitally?

The answer is no. Although technologies such as artificial intelligence are ideal for developing customized solutions from zero, the truth is that you can digitally transform your business by implementing world-class business solutions, which many use.

You can use these tools as standard, but you can also customize them to a certain level, and some functional consultants can help you get the most out of them.

You must start incorporating technology into your business processes and activities to maximize results and increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Some statistics in favor of digital transformation of your business

​By 2025, 60% of organizations will capitalize on an enterprise-wide and ecosystem approach to automation with low-code platforms.

​✅By 2023, 90% of global organizations will prioritize investments in digital tools to increase digital transformation in their business.

​✅87% of companies expect digital transformation to positively impact the experience and productivity of their internal collaborators.

The digital transformation of your business is a necessary step. To take it firmly, rely on professionals who offer consulting, implementation, and customization of world-class tools and develop custom tools from scratch to build a solid and functional system. Are you ready to meet one?