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List of tools that enable the digital transformation of your business in LATAM (2022)


We already know that the digital transformation of a business is the automation of processes through technology. Once we know this, what is the next step? And which areas have priority? The first step for achieving this goal in your business is to see the list of tools (massive or customized) needed.

This is the topic we will develop next. If you have a company in Latin America or are interested in having one, you will be interested in this information. Read ON!

Figures and statistics on the digital transformation of business in LATAM

After the pandemic, businesses in Latin America progressively embraced digital transformation as the best solution to the instability that COVID-19 brought to operations.

What did this mean? ​

✅​Changes in consumer preference
✅​Implementation and management of remote work teams
✅​Remote management of operations and processes
✅​Automation tools
✅​Data storage in the cloud

In addition, other sources confirm that the digital transformation of business in LATAM is a fact that has only improved the productivity and performance of work teams, as well as operations.

  • The Atlantic Digital Transformation Index, which measures technology penetration by tracking the value of public technology companies as a percentage of GDP, increased to 3.4% in 2021 from 2.3% in 2020 for LATAM as of August.
  • Unicorns are increasingly popular in the region. The value of regional unicorns reached $105 billion, more than double last year’s figure of $46 billion.
  • Figures indicate that 76% of companies have had to consider hybrid (remote) working for business continuity.

And to keep this ecosystem solid, digital transformation is necessary, a list of tools that allow you to coordinate actions, communicate, follow up, and generally manage teams from the office and different locations.

List of tools in LATAM that successfully drive your digital transformation

VISMA is your Champion set of tools in LATAM

Visma LATAM offers tools to help you digitize and automate your human resources processes.

VISMA is composed of 7 tools, that are the following:

  1. VISMA Tu recibo, to manage digital documents from anywhere in the world and digitize your processes.
  2. VISMA people is a human resources management software that allows you to configure the structure of the organization and the essential information necessary for the electronic management of your employees’ files.
  3. VISMA talent is a tool designed to attract and retain the best talent to your company, develop the skills of your current employees, measure their performance, estimate compensations accordingly, and design succession planning appropriately.
  4. VISMA Payroll will help you process your payroll efficiently.
  5. VISMA Mandü is a software tool through which you can manage employee engagement and digitally evaluate your team’s performance.
  6. VISMA time, through which you can manage from anywhere in the world the tasks, leaves, and attendances of your team.
  7. And last but not least, VISMA Unite is a tool that will help you enhance the experience of your employees through organizational culture.

All these tools have three aspects in common that are key to transforming your business digitally:

☑️​You have mobile access to manage the suite’s tools from anywhere in the world.

☑️​The data is stored in the cloud, so they are quick to deploy, and you don’t need servers within your company.

☑️​And they have analytics reports, which you can use to analyze weaknesses, leverage strengths, and focus on continuous improvement of your processes.

“We have champion consultants who can implement any of these tools in record time and customize them with AI so you can boost your business results.”

About Championsys

We are a tech company dedicated to improving the processes of companies that use leading global solutions such as VISMA.

How Do We Boost your Business Processes?

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Let’s get to the top together by taking advantage of this list of tools for the digital transformation of your business.