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Off-the-shelf vs Custom software solutions: What’s the best option for my logistics process?

An off-the-shelf vs customized solution? Have you had this question in your company? Most likely, yes. And the truth is that there is no correct answer. Depending on your situation, one solution or the other will be more convenient. 

Here are a couple of details on this topic, and we apply them to your company’s logistics processes. Let’s compare Off-the-shelf vs. Custom software solutions.

What can you get from commercial software for your logistics process?

  • A software solution more economical than the customized
  • Tools designed for many different types of users
  • Implementation and installation are standardized
  • Tools that many people know how to use because many companies use them, regardless of their industry.
  • Customization of functions is limited.
  • The design does not necessarily reflect your company’s structure, personality, and vision. 
  • Tools that don’t work for particular processes or activities of your company
  • You may not need several functions, but if you don’t mind underutilizing them, no problem. 
  • Renewal of licenses or fees periodically.
  • If you implement a solution, it may not be compatible with your systems. It is an aspect that you should consider before hiring one.

This is what you get from a customized software solution

  • You will get a customized solution for the processes, activities, and needs of your logistics process.
  • You are the owner and administrator of the tool developed, so it’s in your hands to upgrade it whenever you consider or launch it to the market as a specific tool for your industry. Under that premise, you would turn your solution into a SaaS product. 
  • You will need more time and money initially, but you will save annual payments or license renewals in the long run.
  • You avoid the risk of obsolescence and, even worse, the cancellation of tools because the software depends 100% on you. 
  • It is a scalable tool.
  • It would help if you took the time to choose the right team of developers and the right software factory because, to a large extent, the tool’s success depends on it. 
  • You forget the problems of incompatibility between tools because you are the one who develops the system. 
  • You can choose the tech stack. 
  • The development process is a little later (even with agile methodologies).

What is best for a logistics process? Custom or commercial software?

We begin this point by clarifying that all situations and needs are particular. It would be best to make a final decision, and you are accompanied by the opinion of an expert in the field. Still, a couple of factors can give you a clue of what you need. 

Use it commercially:

✅When your initial investment is very low

✅ In case your logistics process is 100% standard (for all industries).

✅If you have a technology department and programmers within your company. 

✅Time or efficiency differentiation is not a necessary value for your company. 

✅Preferably if your offer is B2B

Develop it customized: 

✅If you are interested in optimizing your logistics activities continuously. 

✅You work with large volumes of customers

✅When your offer is B2C 

✅Your logistics process has specific activities outside the conventional ones. 

✅If you have different technologies within your company’s system and you would like to unify them and make them compatible.

✅You want to scale the tool 

✅Do not have a large technology team (it will always be necessary).

✅If you are concerned about cybersecurity issues 

✅You want to capitalize on the market (it is much more difficult to achieve this with conventional tools). 

✅If you are interested in monetizing your product in the long term.

Dividev is the software factory that will help you develop your custom software tool successfully

We are a team motivated by innovation, working only with the best technologies available in the market. 

You will be interested to see what data analytics, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and other tools will do for your logistics process. 
Sound it out, and we’ll develop it for you. If you only need consulting for the moment, we can also support you! Contact us, and we will gladly help you decide what best suits your business between developing an off-the-shelf vs. customized logistics software solution.