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Dividato Software Factory expands business and operations in North America

Alejandro Di Cristofano founded Dividato in 1998 +20 years ago with the intention of helping businesses to transform themselves technologically, taking advantage of the paradigm shift that had already begun at that time.

Headquartered in Cordoba, Argentina, acquired customers in different sectors like travel industry, financial services, insurance, retail, telecommunication, ERP software development, Payroll software development, POS, among others.
Then Dividato opened an office in Miami, FL to serve local customers, initially in the travel industry, and then strengthened its activities with the objective of penetrating the American market by providing its acquired capabilities throughout its successful career in Latin America as software development company.

Cordoba has been an attractive city for IT companies, has +40 universities and the talent pool is very good for software development and bilingual outsourcing. The time zone is very good to match United States business hours coast to coast, especially for the coast thanks to which is 1 hour apart (GMT-3).

Dividato works with agile methodologies in many technologies including React, Angular, JavaScript, Java, Ruby, PHP, Microsoft Technologies, Oracle, Progress, Node.js, SQL, MongoDB, Redis and mobile technologies for Androind & iOS developments among others. One of the key focus areas is artificial intelligence where it has been investing heavily on the construction of a highly specialized team in order to provide high level solutions to its client portfolio and the North American market. With a solid and qualified team, Dividato has been developing solutions for sectors like, agriculture, health, science, weather and aviation.

Dividato deliver agile teams and software development solutions to companies to support and grow their IT initiatives. And this includes multiple teams for large engagements like the development and support of Datasul ERP where +120 consultants were working in that effort.

This year Dividato strengthened the business development initiatives with activities in Los Angeles, Miami and New York in order to grow in the United States and become one of the main nearshore partners of important companies in the region.

Alejandro Di Cristofano leaded to drive in Miami strengthening relationships with existing customers and planning for future IT initiatives and expansions in the region.

Gabriel Garro, Business Development Manager for North America, is working in several US cities developing business and teams to support a new set of customers in the latest technologies.

Dividato has expanded the talent pool to other Latin America countries like Mexico, Uruguay, Venezuela, among others, taking advantage of the growing technological pole of the region in order to enhance the quality of its solutions using a pool of high-level Latin American consultants and achieving the best cost-benefit ratio.

Dividato carries out this expansion to the U.S. under a Nearshore service contracting modality and concept that offers the same benefits as Offshoring but with the added value of proximity in terms of culture, time zone and distance. Dividato provides the necessary talent that best suits the needs, culture and budget of U.S. companies. The company offer their wide network of preselected people and our recruitment team to guarantee an impeccable experience in the developments.