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Chatbot Interactions Increase Through Online Sales

The communication channels between companies or government institutions, during the pandemic, have diversified due to the increase in information. 

One of these new implementations are chatbots, artificial intelligence software that can conduct a conversation in natural language through audio or text, they begin to be the way to escalate company operations despite the isolation due to the health emergency.

“Hundreds of companies are betting on chatbots to deal with crisis caused by the coronavirus.”

Due to confinement in much of the world, an increase of up to 200% in chatbot activity has been detected in recent weeks in the online sales segment.

Chatbots have been experiencing exponential evolutions in recent years, and the increasing demand by companies has fueled the appearance of thousands of options.

Some of the main advantages of having a chatbot are:

  • They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • They offer responses in real time and in a personalized way.
  • They collect valuable information for companies regarding consumer behavior and personal data.
  • They redirect the user to the purchase of the product or service in an automated way.
  • Answer frequently asked questions immediately.
  • They save time and optimize processes.
  • They are an economic solution for brands and companies.

This programming can be as complex as required. There are chatbots so optimized that they can have long conversations with people and solve more than 80% of requests without requiring human input.

Other uses of Chatbots compared to COVID-19

It’s not just being applied in e-commerce. Governments and health institutions, both private and public, are implementing solutions based on Artificial Intelligence to deal with the coronavirus. Among them are AI Chatbots applications, such as Boti.

Boti is a chatbot that’s being used in in Buenos Aires. Identify suspicious cases and connect them with an online operator to provide personalized attention. It works every day 24 hours. and can answer up to 9,000 messages per minute.

The Boti chatbot, which answers neighbors’ queries easily and immediately through WhatsApp, reached a new level of care for those who have symptoms that coincide with COVID-19.

In line with the Ministry of Health protocol, Boti, deciphers suspicious cases and connects them with an online operator to provide personalized attention to neighbors.

Consultation record

As of March 25, the platform has already received more than 20,153 queries about the Coronavirus and reported 3,425 suspected cases to the SAME (Emergency Medical Attention System) call center. From now on, suspicious cases are directly connected in the same chat with a doctor who continues with the Health protocol.

In this way, specialists can attend to up to 5 people simultaneously when before they only managed to maintain contact with a single person via telephone.

Future of Chatbots

The size of the global chatbot market is forecast to reach around $ 1.25 billion in 2025, a large increase from the market size in 2016, which stood at $ 190.8 million, according to Statista figures.

While the firm Juniper Research predicted that the success rate of bot interactions in the health sector will go from 12% currently to over 75% in 2022. In the banking sector, Juniper expects this to reach more than 90% in 2022.

This is how the world is embracing chatbots and conversational marketing in anticipation of the arrival of the Covid-19.

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